Posted by Scott Marcin


I have now been to more than a few Rotary 7090 District Conferences, from a Horse Racetrack in Batavia, to Niagara Falls, to Hamilton and Niagara-on-the-Lake, all the way to a Ski Lodge in Ellicottville, and now to the internet. And each time I go, I leave motivated and inspired to be a better, more impactful Rotarian. How can you not be inspired by seeing all the projects that your fellow Rotarians are doing in their nearby communities and in communities all over the world, or by hearing the testimony of someone who has benefitted from the efforts of Rotarians.
If you were unaware, or if you haven’t had to time to read your e-mails, there is a Rotary District Conference coming up in a short few weeks (Oct. 21-23).  You may even be hearing DG Anne Bermingham, in one of her video messages, encouraging you to register and attend.  I am here to echo that sentiment. Sign up now for the Rotary D7090 District Conference! There are many reasons to attend. Great speakers, Rotary education, project inspiration, club recognition for all the wonderful things Rotary accomplished, and much Rotary Fellowship.
The Rotary District Conference is a special event in the Rotary year.  It is that time where we reunite with our fellow Rotarians, remind ourselves why we became Rotarians, recognize all the ways that we are People of Action, remind ourselves that there is still much work to be done in our world, and be motivated to meet those needs. I am sure that I have not attended all the Rotary District conferences since I have been a Rotarian.  I only wish that I had. 
Scott D. Marcin, JD
D7090 DGN