Posted by Dave Schulz


From IPD Governor Frank
After a very challenging but equally rewarding “Year of the Pandemic” I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the District Team, who helped me to Open Opportunities in District 7090.  It was most gratifying and an honour to serve as Governor and I attribute our successes, and there were many, to the Team.
It was not the year I signed up for, but we played the cards we were dealt and move forward on a solid foundation guided by our Strategic Plan and Goals, which Anne will continue to implement.  Thank you to the Club Presidents for your leadership and every Rotarian and Rotaractor who worked to ensure success.
A big shout out to the DG Chain, Anne, Lisa and Scott, who I will be pleased to support in 2021-2022.
From Governor Anne
Serve to Change Lives is our Rotary theme for the coming year.  We want to thank all those who have served our District this past year in various capacities and all those who are taking up new roles in our District. 
It is often said that "volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart".  Well, there is a lot of heart in District 7090 - believe me.  
When I put my hat into the ring and applied to be Governor, building a team that would focus on helping clubs be the best they could be was my number one goal.  Thanks to outgoing Governor Frank - much of the building of a unified team was in play.  I got to invite a few more individuals to play some new and different roles and I am so thrilled they said yes. 
As Henry Ford said - "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself". 
Please join me in welcoming some players playing new roles in the 2021-2022 Rotary year.
Those who are not staying in the Chair or leadership role in the coming year
  • Immediate Past District Governor: Bob Artis
  • Assistant Governor Coordinator Bob Morrow.
  • Treasurer: John Bartlett
  • Membership Director: Angela Carter
  • Public Image Director: Al Lutchin
  • Foundation Director: Pat Castiglia
Incoming District Executives and Committee Chairs
  • Assistant Governor Coordinator: Ross Gowan
  • District Governor Elect (DGE): Lisa Bishop
  • District Governor Nominee: Scott Marcin
  • Vice Governor: Reg Madison
  • Treasurer: John Teibert
  • Foundation Chair: Sandi Chard
  • Membership Chair: Melisa Schrock
  • Public Image Chair: David Schulz
  • Chair of Service: Phil Shames
  • Chair of Governance: Karen Oakes
  • Conference Chair: Michael Howes
  • Strategic Planning: Frank Adamson, Robert Morrow
Results of Rotaract Committee Elections for the 2021-2022 Rotary Year
  • District Rotaract Representative (DRR):  Abdiwahab Bashi Ali 
  • Canadian Assistant District Rotaract Representative (ADRR)/ Rotaract District Assistant Governor (AG): Tejal Saini
  • American Assistant District Rotaract Representative (ADRR)/ Rotaract District Assistant Governor (AG): Emma Correia
  • Rotaract Administrative Assistant: Victoria Parlatore
  • Rotaract Director of Marketing: Grace Conrad
  • Rotaract Director of Programming and Outreach: Rebecca Balyk
  • Rotaract Director of Strategic Planning: Matthew Falcone
  • General Rotaract Committee Member: Sofia Labricciosa, Kalynne Nguyen, Janvi Patel, and Elisha Fogg