Posted by Sue Foster


The Rotary Club of Lincoln participated in a tree planting at Greenmeadow Park on October 21, 2017.   It was a beautiful day at the park as the Rotary Club of Lincoln, Ontariogreen and the neighbourhood community as they all joined together to plant 50 more native trees and shrubs.
Rotary Club president Sue Foster said the planting had several special meanings for the organization. Not only was it a chance to get involved in the community in a different way, but it was helping build on the Rotary legacy at Meadowood Park, where the late Walter Mittler helped spearhead an effort to construct playground equipment. “He was a great believer in youth and supporting the youth in town,” said Sue. “Now we can look forward to youth enjoying a chance playing, or maybe relaxing, under these trees one day in the future.”
The tree planting is also helping the club fulfill RI President Ian Riseley's challenge to help protect the environment and curb climate change by planting a tree for each of its members by the next Earth Day — April 22, 2018.