Posted by Alex Moroz


The Rotary Club of Hamilton’s COVID Cares project was completed in May. Over $6000 worth of KN95 Masks and disposable surgical style masks were purchased and delivered to several front-line local service providers. The Rotary Club of Hamilton received permission to redirect their District grant to support a COVID-19 project after the Rotary Rocks Curling Program was unable to take place as schools closed. The new project was quickly approved by the Board of Directors. Utilizing the Rotary network, the purchase of masks was able to happen through a distributor at wholesale prices.
The masks were given to front-line service providers that had great difficulty in securing PPE for staff and participants. Two locations of St Leonard’s Society, the local YMCA Men’s Residence, The Salvation Army Ellen Osler House for Women, and the remaining masks given to the PPE Drive for the City of Hamilton.  For many of these front-line service providers they had limited or no PPE supplies. With the help of club Rotarians, President Heather Moroz made arrangements to pick up and deliver the masks to the front line organizations who greatly appreciated the PPE and that Rotary thought about them and their clients and participants.