Posted by Sue Foster


The Rotary Club of Lincoln recognizes all Rotarians, the production team, sponsors, community partners and supporters for the success of its 14th annual production of the Rotary Club of Lincoln Lamplighter Tour! “It was a privilege and pleasure to work with an extraordinary team of actors, writers, directors, crew and all the volunteers who commit their time and effort to make this show come to life each November!” said Sandra Bacon, producer.  This year the event involved about 100 community partners and volunteers.
Pictured is the cast and crew both Rotarians & community volunteers that participated this year at the wrap-up party held November 19th.
The Lamplighter Tour is an annual event to raise funds to support a significant community project in Lincoln.  Each year, a local, historical theme is chosen and four plays are performed where historically significant homes or places are used as venues. The audience is bused or does a walking tour to each of the venues to be entertained by each production. This year the celebration of the 150 year anniversary or Sesquicentennial of Canada was high-lighted. The productions are researched, written, produced and performed by a team of Lincoln Rotarians as well as many community volunteers. Approximately $30,000 was raised.