Communications & Privacy Policy
District 7090 Communications & Privacy Policy is as follows:
  • Rotarians should not use the District directories as a commercial mailing list, nor make it possible for anyone else to use it for that purpose.
  • The online directories are not available for use by Rotarians, Rotary clubs or sponsored Youth Services programs in contacting all District clubs for fundraising or event purposes. 
  • Clubs wishing to solicit funds from other clubs must first obtain permission from the District Council annually.   However, clubs in any Area may determine (under the oversight and with the knowledge of the Assistant Governor) to work together on a project or event.  This does not need the approval of District Council.
  • Clubs wishing to solicit other clubs for support for their international projects, must work through the District’s International Service Committee to be designated as an Approved Project for that purpose through the District Council.
  • A club desiring to request the cooperation of all District 7090 clubs, in connection with any matter or utilizing email or postal service mail, shall first submit its purpose and plans to the respective governor or governors who will bring the request to District Council to secure its approval.
Said policy was approved by District Council at its meeting on April 25, 2015.  In addition to its distribution in the April newsletter, it will also be published in the next revision of the District 7090 Manual of Policies & Procedures “MOPP”.
Recommended Tips for 'Getting the Word Out' to other clubs:
  • Visit or make up at a club(s) in your area to make the announcement.  Clubs/Rotarians are more likely to respond to a personal invitation than an email. 
  • Enlist the cooperation of club presidents in your area at an Area meeting with your Assistant Governor.  Perhaps they will make the announcement for you at their meetings.
  • Send information to newsletter editor, Pene Hutton, at for the Club Events Calendar in the monthly newsletter.  Think a couple of months ahead so that timely announcement can be made.
  • If you have a club ClubRunner website, put your event on your club calendar and select the option to send it to District website calendar.