On this page you will find links in the menu to insurance as it pertains to both US and Canadian Liability Insurance and Officers and Directors insurance.

Paul Justinger and Dan Hill are our liaison/advisors for insurance and you may contact them for general inquiries.  However for claim inquiries, please contact the insurer. 
For general questions regarding Canadian insurance, contact Dan Hill
For general questions regarding US insurance, contact Paul Justinger.
IMPORTANT:  As of 30 August 2017, Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG) is the new insurance broker for the US Program.  To access insurance information online, such as certificates of insurance, policy summaries, and incident/claim forms, please visit Gallagher Insight website:
All U.S. Rotarians will need to use the below credentials:  
Password: rotarian1

U.S. Rotarians can also contact Gallagher by:
phone: 1.833.3ROTARY (1.833.376.8279)
If you have further questions regarding US liability coverage, please email Rotary Risk Management at
Insurance Broker
Rotary Risk Management
Julita Brzozowska,
Risk Manager
Carol Dietz,
Assistant Risk Manager
Katie Rabs,
Risk Management Specialist
(833) 3ROTARY
(833) 376-8279
(847) 424-5394
(847) 424-5245
(847) 866-4494
If you have further questions regarding CA liability coverage, please contact Norwich Insurance Brokers:

Kelsey Schaafsma, Norwich Insurance Brokers, 13 Stover St. North, Norwich, ON N0J 1P0

Phone: 800-280-0937
Fax:  519-863-2015