Friendship Exchange


Group Friendship Exchange to Western Australia - Your Chance for the Insider’s Tour

Here’s the deal.  You and a group of Rotarians from District 7090 will host a Group from District 9465 in Perth Australia whom you will spoil rotten.  Then our group travels to Perth and they get even.
In the course of this, you will make great friends both here and there.  You will show off the best our international district has to offer and in turn get the (aforementioned) insider’s tour of Western Australia.

The plan is to host the Aussies in June of 2017.  Then we will go ‘Down Under’ in September 2017.

The exchange groups are typically 10 – 14 people.  Participants will be either single Rotarians or a Rotarian with their spouse.  This will be an ‘on the go’ vacation so be prepared for 14 days filled with adventure, friendship and new experiences.   

We anticipate that there will be more Rotarians interested than we have spaces available.  Preference will be given to:

1.    Those who are willing to host and who can enlist the support of fellow Rotarians to help billet the visitors during a 3-4 day’s stay in your community.
2.    We are interested in having participants from across the District so that our visitors can learn about a spectrum of life in various parts of our area.
3.    Persons who have hosted previously but have not gone on exchange.
4.    Persons with a commitment to Rotary service.

The cost will be paid by the participants.  Your main expense will be airfare plus any admissions, Rotary meetings, bus transport or restaurant meals in Aus.  You pay the cost of billeting and car transport for your guests during their stay in your area.

What’s not to love?  Expressions of interest should be e-mailed to the group leaders John and Libby Crossingham at by JUNE 3RD.  You will be sent notice inviting you to a meeting that will be held at 10 am JUNE 18TH where full details will be available and questions answered.

More details on the Friendship Exchange Programme can be found at: Friendship Exchange Description

Info on Western Australia and District 9465: