District committees are charged with carrying out the goals of the District as formulated by the District Governor with the advice of the members of District Council.  All District committees report to District Council, some directly report through the District Governor, others report through a District Director.  District committees exist for the purpose of supporting the initiatives of the clubs in District 7090 in concert with Rotary International.    
In the menu to the left, are specific position descriptions for D7090 leadership opportunities.  All District Rotarians are encouraged to participate in a committee prior to assuming leadership, but depending on the role, it may not be required.  To participate in a committee, please contact its chair or the director the committee reports to, an AG, or one of the District executives, DG, DGE, DGN.  All D7090 leaders are identified and are accessible through the organization chart on the home page.  
To discover more about what each committee does, click on District Committees and under District Operations - District Council, in the header menu on the home page, both of which have a wealth of information.  The MOPP is very detailed and is found on the District Operations - District Council page.  
All the District leadership encourage you to leverage your strengths in working in this context and we welcome you to join us in leading the District.  
QUALIFICATIONS OF MEMBERS (excerpted from the Manual of Policies and Procedures - MOPP)
  • The District Governor -Elect is responsible for appointing committee members to fill vacancies, appointing Committee Chairs, and conducting planning meetings prior to the start of the year in office.
  • Notwithstanding the appointment by the District Governor-Elect, it is the responsibility of all Committee Chairpersons, in concert with the relative Director, to consider and address Succession Planning with a consistent awareness to ensure continued visibility and grown of the mandate of the relative Committee program.
  • The minimum qualification for appointment to a District Committee is membership, other than honorary, in good standing in a club in the District.
  • Where committees continue from year to year, the normal tenure of a committee member will be three years in one position, subject to annual appointment, to a maximum of five years’ service on one committee.
  • Under normal circumstances, one third of the membership on a committee should change each year.
  • It is recommended that the Chair selected be a Past District Governor, a past Assistant Governor, or an effective past District committee member, with previous experience as a member of the District Committee.
  • It is recommended that District Committee Chairs attend the District Training Team Seminar prior to serving as Chair, and annually attend the District Training Assembly. Committee members should participate in District training meetings.
  • It is recognized that the number of committees appointed by the District Governor will vary from year to year. Ad hoc District Committees may be appointed to serve specific purposes requested or suggested by Rotary International, to implement specific plans of the District Governor, or to meet specific needs within the District.
  • The District Governor, the District Governor-Elect, the District Governor Nominee, the Vice-Governor, the Assistant Governors and the Director responsible are ex-officio members of all committees. They shall be notified of all Committee meetings and sent copies of minutes.
  • Removal of the Chairperson for just cause shall be at the discretion of the District Governor.