As part of the Rotary 7090 Strategic Plan activities and in response to recent feedback from Presidents and Assistant Governors, we have 10 topics that are ready for delivery.
Why dialogues and not presentations?  One size does not fit all.  There are tons of ideas, resources and materials we can share with you but delivering a standard talk on “membership” or “public image” is not what you are saying you want.  You want it customized to your club and its current situation.  So we will have interactive dialogues with you and connect you to resources.  We will share with you ideas of what other clubs in our district are doing.   We will help you identify some next steps so the ideas are moved into action to help your club be the best it can be (our district mission). 
Where can these dialogues be delivered?  Ideally, they are done through Zoom or zoom-like technology.  You tell us what is best - do you want one of these topics to take the place of your club speaker?  Or do you want to have this dialogue at the Board Room table?  Or do you want it to happen at one of your clubs committee meetings?  You tell us what would work best for you.
Dialogue Options
  • Membership Innovation - help and assistance to engage new members and ensure they become committed and passionate about Rotary in their first few years.  Contact Angela Carter - Director of Membership Innovation (angela@d7090.org).  She or a member of her committee would be happy to help you.
  • How can we get more out of our ClubRunner such as how to view club reports; how to email club members, how to track bills and create invoices and so much more.  It could be directed towards your club secretary, board or whole club.  Contact Pene Hutton - District Secretary (office@d7090.org) to discuss such a presentation.  Also check out webinars put on by Club Runner https://site.clubrunner.ca/page/webinars
  • What else could we be doing in terms of healthy community initiatives?  Contact Kevin Crosby (kevin@d7090.org) and he or a member of his committee will happily present the program.  They can discuss what falls into this healthy community category, what other clubs are doing and how this focus is helping engage and excite members.
  • Youth programs change lives and have incredible impact on Rotarians and their Clubs.  Some people have asked us how youth programs have a direct positive impact on my club.  Hear examples of how the different programs have had amazing impacts on Rotarians as well as the youth - some of which become Rotarians.  Contact Rob Nagy (rnagy@brantmutual.com) and he or one of his committee will dialogue with you on this topic.
  • Club Websites - what are other clubs doing in our district to get out a fresh and effective message about Rotary?  What ready-made content could we be uploading? To find out more - contact Al Lutchin (al@careercompasscanada.com) and he or one of the Public Image Committee will dialogue with you on this topic. 
  • Social Media - what is it?  How can we better use it?  How can we make it easy and not time-consuming to use?  What are others in our district doing that works? To find out more - contact Al Lutchin (al@careercompasscanada.com) and he or one of the Public Image Committee will dialogue with you on this topic. 
  • Goal Setting and Strategic Planning at the Club Level - how can it be done in a pain-free and effective way? Learn what other clubs are doing to set agreed-upon goals that the whole club can get behind.  Meet some of the district volunteers who have worked with clubs in our district to help them produce plans that really guide the club moving forward.  Contact Susan Czyrny (smczyrny@gmail.com) and she or a member of her team will dialogue with you.
  • Innovative ideas to help keep all members engaged - Ideas to make meetings vibrant to ways clubs show appreciation to long-time serving Rotarians that are meaningful and effective.  Let us know your questions and Angela Carter (angela@d7090.org) or one of her membership innovation committee will happily dialogue with you to find some ideas for you to consider.
  • People of Action - what are some of the amazing service projects clubs in our District are doing?  Find out what clubs are doing in the area of literacy & vocation as well as some recent work clubs in our district have been doing with indigenous communities.  Contact Lisa Bishop (delhipeople@sympatico.ca) and she or one of her community service team members will happily have a conversation with your club members on this topic.
  • The Rotary Foundation - 10 Facts to Make you Proud.  Our Foundation is an amazing charity that brings incredible results to so many.  We would find out what your members might or might not know and create an interactive presentation to meet your needs.  Contact Patricia Castiglia (ptcas34@gmail.com) and or a member of her Foundation team would be happy to help.
Don’t see something that appeals to you?  Contact Anne Bermingham (anne@d7090.org) Melisa Schrock (rotarianforever@gmail.com), Co-Chairs of our District 7090 Strategic Plan and we will listen to your needs and see if we can help find you the right person to have a dialogue with you and your club members.