Welcome to Your Rotary Membership

As a Rotarian, you join 1.2 million people worldwide in a quest to create lasting change around the globe. You are united with leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations and have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and take action in local and global communities.
We invite you to learn how you can play an integral part in achieving the Rotary vision whether in your Club, through your District or at the international level.
Here you will find specific information on:
  • Becoming a New Rotarian
  • Membership Resources
  • Resources for Clubs to Improve Membership Engagement
  • Rotary's Avenues of Service
  • Connecting to Rotary International
  • The Rotary Foundation (TRF)
  • Training and Leadership Opportunities
We invite you to explore the many ways Rotarians, through our membership, can become fully engaged in the wide world of Rotary. Simply click through the various Membership web pages, links and files found on the menu on the left.

Available Resources

Located on this page in the left menu, are many Membership Web Pages, Links and Files that will help you to be an active Rotarian, grow and retain your club membership and truly engage Rotarians. If we have missed anything you need, contact us - the District Membership Committee.

Changes to Membership

At the recent 2016 Council on Legislation, changes were made to Membership Types, Attendance, and Meeting Frequency, and Format.

The following 2 videos are brief summaries of the changes that clubs  can now adopt and incorporate into their Club Bylaws: These videos could be used to help inform and prepare club members prior to a discussion about these new options.

Banerjee Message to Club Presidents - EN from Rotary International on Vimeo.


Club Training & Speaker Opportunities

The District Membership Committee is available to support your Club in one on one training or support in using the many tools available to you and your Club. We are also available to present Best Membership Strategies and Tools Overview at one of your Club meetings. Contact the District Director for Membership:  Kevin Crosby

Rotary Now Video Tool


  • http://fullcirclestudios2.com/rotarynow/
  • Clicking on the link above will take you to a page, “Index of/rotarynow”.
  • Then, right click on the file, “Rotary Now H264.mov”.
  • Select “Save Link As...” from the list of options.
  • Choose the destination folder on your computer for the file download.
  • Due to the file size, 310 MB, it will take several minutes to download this file.
  • It’s worth the wait.
  • (You will need the application “Quicktime” to view this video. If you don’t have Quicktime, you may download it for free from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/.)

Thanks for visiting the Membership Resource Center.