Greetings to past VTT Committee Members and future Committee Prospects!
(Response requested by Friday September 29th)
Our District has engaged in two very successful VTT’s with D7020 for Sports Education and Literacy in St Marteen and Anguilla, as well as D9790 Australia for Fruit Farming.   For the 2017 - 2018 year we received several inquiries and 2 proposals to consider of which we chose an Incoming VTT from D9790 with the focus of fruit farming within our District 7090.  This VTT is tentatively scheduled for 3 weeks in late May early June 2018. 
As this is an inbound VTT, our 1st, we will need a strong and varied committee to successfully complete the VTT.  We are looking to form a larger committee in an effort to expand the depth and allow greater exposure across District 7090 for our VTT undertakings.  
In the coming months, we will be determining the specific training requested, advertising the project and soliciting for the training venues and Rotarian host families. This will require a team of dedicated committee members joining in the workload and pleasures of the new VTT experience. This will be District 7090’s opportunity to show off our agricultural expertise in fruit farming and Hospitality of our international District.
Given your prior or new interest in the VTT program, we would be delighted if you would accept our invitation to join the District 7090 VTT Committee for this current year.  The attached outline provides the basis for the VTT Committee Responsibilities for your review.
Kindly consider our invite and provide your response to be part of our VTT Committee. Please identify your major area of input to the process based on the responsibilities identified to allow an equitable, yet effective, workload distribution.  
We would appreciate your response by Friday, September 29, 2017.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your consideration of our invitation.
Daniel F. Smith                                                            John N. Teibert
VTT Chair, Rotary District 7090                              DRFC, Rotary District 7090
716-269-9900   dsmith4416@gmail.com               905-937-2100 ext. 3301 john@crawfordss.com