Posted by Kevin Crosby


Fans of the television series, Star Trek: Next Generation, are familiar with the character known as “Data.” Yeah, that’s not the data we’re listening to.
The five committees on our district’s Membership team are starting to collect data about the demographics, practices, experiences, and opinions of the Rotarians who comprise our district. We’re using online surveys, online focus groups, and other tools to help us get an accurate picture of where we are, so we can identify where we need to go and where we want to invest our efforts.
So, if you receive a survey or are asked to participate in a discussion group, we hope you will understand that the purpose is to gather data and ideas that will help us provide the most useful support for clubs as they seek ways to grow their membership and ensure the engagement and satisfaction of their members. We also ask that club secretaries keep their membership data up to date so the cumulative data we gather from our district database is current and accurate.
We think our data have a lot to tell us.