Posted by Eric Jones


On April 17, over 100 Niagara Rotarians representing 12 Niagara and 2 western New York clubs gathered in fellowship at a Joint Luncheon organized by the Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore.  Our keynote speaker was City of St. Catharines Mayor (and Rotarian) Walter Sendzik (pictured left) who spoke about the overall global efforts made by Rotary, and in particular the efforts made in St. Catharines to create a ‘Compassionate City”. Supported at all levels by Council, City staff and residents, this initiative can be summarized from the website as: “The wealth and well-being of our city is measured by the health and well-being of everyone. As a growing city we are not immune to the challenges of other cities: poverty, homelessness, mental health and creating prosperity for all.  These are challenges that we must work collectively to address. There are many aspects to a compassionate city. Get involved in something that’s meaningful for you whether it’s helping the homeless, on the sports field, at your business, helping seniors living in isolation or at your place of worship. We have what it takes to make St. Catharines a place where everyone belongs.  The success of our city depends on our residents, community partners, schools and businesses working together. We must set goals, identify challenges and together find solutions to make this great city even greater socially, economically, environmentally and culturally."